Luxor successfully launches B2B webshop

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Recently Luxor, manufacturer and distributor of several beachwear brands like Shiwi, Baku, PILYQ Barcelona and TKEES, successfully launched their B2B webshop developed by Apps4Fashion.
Owner and managing director Robbert Hawinkels: "Providing service is very important to us. With this B2B webshop we provide our customers with easy access to our stock collections. They can review the available stock 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and send in instant reorders to make sure they have the right products in their stores and replenish their shop inventory. Because reorders placed in the weekend are imported directly into our backoffice system we can start processing these immediately on Monday morning, to have the products in store as soon as possible".

Since the launch many retail customers have placed their re-orders in an efficient and comfortable way. Next to stock information and sending in re-oders, it is also possible to provide retailers with access their order history, open invoices, to register returns shipments, guarantee issues etc. If today your backoffice is very busy handling all these things by email and telephone, the Apps4Fashion B2B web portal will offer a major added value to your customers as well as your internal organisation. For more information send us an email or call us on +31 35 53346 80.

Apps4Fashion is the leading mobile sales platform for Fashion, Sports, Shoe, Body Fashion and Accessory brands, agents and distributors. Currently over 300 international brands and suppliers are using our  sales tools. We are happy to explain you more about Apps4Fashion and demonstrate what it can do for you.

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