Who we are

We are specialized in the development of mobile, cloud-based business software solutions. We develop and sell solutions that make people work faster, better and more efficiently while on the road.

We have a team of software development experts, support specialists and sales-reps. We sell our products directly and through many partners and resellers worldwide. Our products are being used by companies from all over Europe, the US, Brazil and Asia.

What we do


We are the leading mobile platform in the fashion industry, with over 250 companies and 400 brands worldwide using our tool on a daily basis.


Our people

Nick - Managing Director

I have always had a love for mobile. I founded this company to help others achieve more while they were on the road. Having all the information you need at your fingertips wherever you are is essential in today's business world. I am truly amazed at what we have achieved here at Apptitude in helping the fashion wholesale market go mobile.

Robert - Sales Director

I focus on business development and account management on an international level. I enjoy working with people and help them to improve their sales flow by providing our sales tools and services. I understand the needs of our clients and match them efficiently with our tools.

Jasper - Product Development

I know Nick for about 25 years now. A couple of years ago he asked me to help him out with the software development for his company Apptitude. During the past years I have set up the full client-server architecture which turned this standalone app into a scalable platform built for growth.

Rhyan - Frontend Development

Over the last years in the business IT section, I have created a business platform for myself. Within Apptitude I’m responsible for setting up new projects, technical implementations, setting up ERP connections through our interface and making agreements with our customers.

Mariska - Marketing

Within the dynamic and fast moving business of Apptitude there is always a need for someone who gets things done, someone who organizes what needs to be done. This is what I love to do. From office management to finance, from invoicing to HR, I have set up these departments within Apptitude until we were ready to get dedicated people on board to cover these tasks. My newest challenge is setting up a professional marketing department.

Gillian - Backoffice

Within Apptitude I am responsible for the complete administration. I also take care of the complete backoffice. Everything that needs te be documented, I do it.

Dino - Customer Support

In this branche every customer clearly has his very own approach. That's something I gradually discovered. The customer indicates this, whether or not consciously. I consider that a nice way to work.

Michael - Customer Support

My focus lies in Customer Care and testing updates and new releases of our order tools before there are officially released. Next to this, I help our customers by answering their questions and assist in solving issues they might have. In backend workshops, I also educate our customers how to maintain the content of the app and B2B webshop. Providing the best possible service to our customers makes my day!

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You're in good company

Olaf Kolen - Digital Business Manager at Scotch & Soda

"We see great advantage in the pre-sale area because Apps4Fashion gives us real-time information on pre-sale items that will be carried worldwide."

Arjan van der Heijden - Operational Manager at Just Brands

“All orders entered on iPad or iPhone, are processed immediately in our ERP. This is a tremendous relief for our backoffice.”

Cindy Blankley - IT ERP Manager for IC Group

"Apptitude has been available for frequent consultation and been able to answer almost any question we could throw at them."

Robert-Jan Paape - EU IT Manager Applications at O'Neill Europe

"This app makes the future in sales easier for everybody, customer, sales rep as well as management!"

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Apptitude is specialized in the development of mobile, cloud-based business software solutions. We develop and sell solutions that make people work faster, better and more efficiently in all situations. Contact us for more info